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LigoDLB Mach-5ac 5 GHz 802.11ac wireless bridge

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318.63 € c/ IVA

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Referência: DLB-MACH-5AC
500+ Mbps throughput - a result of powerful hardware platform with 802.11ac technology based radio and a proprietary data transmission protocol (iPoll). Incorporating a 720 MHz powerfull CPU, a iPoll3 / 11ac radio and 128Mbytes of RAM and 128Mbytes of flash memory, the LigoDLB ac series devices are an ideal solution for capacity demanding applications. State of the art RF design with great output power and sensitivity parameters improve range and capacity over highest the modulation - 256 QAM. The 48V Gigabit Ethernet port (802.3af) allows utilizing the full capacity of the radio when used in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint network design. LigoDLB ac series devices are backwards compatible with LigoDLB devices using iPoll mode, which helps to expand or upgrade existing networks using the latest technologies over time.
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